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February 21'th. 2018
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May 16'th. 2018
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February 1'th. 2015
ClubTango Orquesta in black and white
Changed some originally color videos of the last year ClubTango Orq. concert into black and white. Sounds different! :)

January 31'th. 2015
20 years passed, but I remember

Two more compositions from the concert "Cinemusic: Nino Rota and Isaac Schwarts": fragments from Rota's score for the film "Rocco and his brothers" (dir. Luchino Visconti) and Waltz by Isaac Schwarts for the film "The Captivating Star of Happiness" (dir. Vladimir Motyl).

January 29'th. 2015
Black and white Piazzolla in the Urals

Alexander Mitenev, bandoneon
Igor Zalivalov, violin
Vladimir Kirasirov, guitar
Daniil Rabovsky, piano
Yury Barsukov, double bass

Astor Piazzolla: Decarissimo, Chin Chin, Michelangelo 70, El Tango.

January 26'th. 2015
Cinemusic: Nino Rota and Isaac Schwarts

Some pictures and two compositions from yesterday concert "Cinemusic: Nino Rota and Isaac Schwarts" together with the Yaroslavl Symphony Orchestra.

December 28'th. 2014
Happy New Year!

Well, I'm a good boy, aren't I?! During this year learned three large concertos, two suites, one mass and eight one-part compositions. There have't been a large number of concerts played, but good ones and in 17 Russian cities.

December 13'th. 2014
Concerto for bandoneon and Petropavlovsk Symphony Orchestra

Played a concert with a symphony orchestra from Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan). It was my second visit to Kazakhstan and I like this trend.

November 7'th. 2014
Misa Tango

Pictures from the concert at the Moscow Conservatory together with the maestro Gennady Dmitryak, "New Russia" Symphony, choir them. A. Yurlov, Paul Baranski (baritone) and Agunda Kulaeva (mezzo-soprano), where we performed a marvelous work of Luis Bakalov "Misa Tango".

October 27'th. 2014
"In the world of animals" and other summer adventures
The time for essay "How I spent summer" has come. Perhaps I'm not ready for a treatise about kayaking and safety, but all of a sudden I edited a video about my journey to Altay, where I rided a lot of rivers together with kayakers from different Russian regions. The trip as organized by the great team "RiverZoo". That's why I called the track "In the world of animals".

October 15'th. 2014

Elena Kiseleva, autstanding Russian portretist, has just acomplished the portrait of my father. Thank you, Elena!

October 14'th. 2014
Viva Latina

Pictures from past saturday concerto in Ulyanovsk. Plus the picture of Ulagan steppe I made this summer in Altay mountain ridge, I thought about while playing "Aconcagua".

Conductor - Anatoly Oselkov.

October 15'th. 2013
Tango of golden autumn

The beginning of a new season is amazing. The first october concert was held together the Siberian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and conducted by maestro Dmitry Vasilyev.

September 10'th. 2013
Autumn in Caucasus

Back from the kayak trip to Caucasus, to the canon of Belaya river, together with my friends from Kayaker club.

July 10'th. 2013

Best photos of 2012-2013 season

December 15'th. 2012

"Five tango sensations" together with "Premier" string ensemble (Penza, December 8'th., 2012).

December 3'd. 2012

Bandoneon and organ in concert. St. Catherine Cappel (Archangelsk).

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    24 Jul. 2017
    In Samara this spring
    Rough, but the piece is so beautiful.

    22 Dec. 2015
    Black&white musicians
    My teacher prof. Nikolay Kravtsov told me that the accordionist's appearance should only have white teeth and white accordion keys, the rest must be black. Though I ddo not play accordion for a white, I got the lesson. :)

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