Alexander Mitenev (bandoneon)
December 6'th. 2019
Концерт для бандонеона с оркестром
Сургутская филармония (г. Сургут)
March 6'th. 2020
Танго феерия
Дом культуры "Родина" (г. Южно-Сахалинск)
March 11'th. 2020
Концерт для бандонеона с оркестром
Государственный театр оперы и балета Удмуртской Республики имени П.И. Чайковского (г. Ижевск)
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July 8'th. 2018
Cadenza (for one very popular piece)
Fragment of the concert from my archive.

July 6'th. 2018
Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera".
Conductor: Rustem Abyazov.

March 22'th. 2018

A huge role in my life was played by the ClubTango ensemble. Well, it's a terrible introduction. I'll try again...

July 24'th. 2017
In Samara this spring
Rough, but the piece is so beautiful.

December 22'th. 2015
Black&white musicians

My teacher prof. Nikolay Kravtsov told me that the accordionist's appearance should only have white teeth and white accordion keys, the rest must be black. Though I ddo not play accordion for a white, I got the lesson. :)

November 18'th. 2015
A few photos from the St. Petersburg premiere of "Misa Tango" and other works by Luis Bacalov.

I's like also to mention that I know how to wait. Dreamed to play this masterpiece for like 10 years, but had not expected it to happen in my home city, in my home Philharmonic, not to say that conducted by the author himself.

November 16'th. 2015
Misa Tango in St. Petersburg

"Misa Tango" by Luis Bacalov will be served tomorrow by the author's conduction.

November 12'th. 2015
Tango: otros tiempos

Photo report from the concert together with Pskov Phihlarmonic.

October 19'th. 2015
Winter in Buenos Aires

Winter! The peasant breathes a sigh,
Renews his sledge, and makes his way.
His horse, snorting in the fresh snow
With a finicky trot gets along somehow.

September 13'th. 2015
Summer's back to Lieksa

And we had a nice ride with Grisha and Rita.

August 20'th. 2015
Tango: the world for two

Suddenly, in early August, I became a part of the formulation of the new tango show in "La Boca" club - "Tango: the world for two" and in the eponymous milonga next day. Guitarists Vladimir Cuirassiers and Arthur Bochkivsky helped me with it.

July 14'th. 2015
There, in the Altai...

Actually, I want to say ... How ridiculous sober is to be sitting at the airport on the way back from the Altai. Generally saying it's the same to be leaving from anywhere with a burning desire to stay and not leave.

June 7'th. 2015
Natalia Mikhailova and pupils

Last Friday at the Church of St. Nicolas in Gatchina was a concert of music for organ, dedicated to the 330'th anniversary of the birth of two great composers: J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel.

May 17'th. 2015
"From Vivaldi to Piazzolla" at the Cathedral

That's it! From now on - only the sky and the wind! My bandoneon boosted this concert season, finishing in East Prussia (Kaliningrad). In the course of the operation "from Vivaldi to Piazzolla" our duet "Tangus Dei" with Natalia Mikhailova lost a friend of us, Antonio...

April 27'th. 2015
Meanwhile in Kursk...

For the first time with Kursk Philharmonic symphony orchestra Alexander Mitenev on a bandoneon will perform. Alexander - the winner of prestigious international musical contests and participant of the popular tango festivals.

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    8 Jul. 2018
    Cadenza (for one very popular piece)
    Fragment of the concert from my archive.

    6 Jul. 2018
    Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera". Conductor: Rustem Abyazov.

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