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December 6'th. 2019

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March 6'th. 2020

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Conciertos para bandoneon y orquestas

Astor Piazzolla had a dream of his life - to listen bandoneon in acoustic concerts all around the world. His dream come true today achieved by Alexander Mitenev, the most enigmatic interpreter of Piazzolla's music perhaps, according to listeners and musicologists.

Concerts for bandoneon and orchestras, always staggering and vivid, unfold tango music as genuine chefs-d'oeuvre of our century, belonging to classical heritage at the same time. Magic voice of Alexander's bandoneon accompanied with chamber or symphony orchestras evoke eternal human thoughts and sensations in their fundamental virginity.

Attraction to contemparary music for bandoneon of Piazzolla's artistic successors is another distinctive feature of Alexander's programs, highlighting musical composition of a new age by Gustavo Beytelmann ("La liberte guidant le people", "Le pied bot"), Nestor Marconi ("Cameratangos"), Alejandro Schwartz ("Un largo camino"), Luis Bacalov ("Misa Tango"), Ramiro Gallo ("Descubres") etc.

ClubTango Orquesta

foto: Daniil RabovskyBased in St. Petersburg, ClubTango Orquesta is a brand new band on a tango scene. Musicians of the ensemble graduates of Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, have always been fascinated by tango music and, finally, decided to share their passion together.

Despite of the gentle creative age ClubTango is intensively involved into concert activities, playing on numerous milongas and concerts around the country. Recently ClubTango has been a special guest of Tango of White Nights Tango Festival (Russia), Sata-Hame Soy Accordion Festival (Finland) and VDF Accordion Festival (Sweden). Group successfully toured in Finland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and Lithuania.

ClubTango Orquesta is a recent prize winner of two prestigious awards - Citta di Castelfidardo and Astor Piazzolla Awards. Musicians perform popular and chamber tango music, covering all epochs of tango history - from Guardia Vieja till Avant-Garde and resorting to a most colorful sound palette of their musical instruments.

Five tango sensations

The music lineup of this program for string orchestra (ensemble) or quartet includes baroque, late classical works and "tango nuevo" pieces.

Though the later hails from the new world, and though originally not concert hall music, composers like Astor Piazzolla managed to change this. Every single concert Alexander Mitenev affirms the idea of outstaning evolution of tango music through the time and space.

Tangus Dei

Tangus Dei is a brand new and unprecedented duo of the bandoneon and organ, confessing each other to a passion for chamber and sacred music. Distantly relative by their typical temper and evolution, bandoneon and organ oh so bound by consonant sonority. Organ inspires the bandoneon to glance back to its intended locale a church. Bandoneon in return supports organ with its vigour and melancholy.

Natalia Mikhaylova and Alexander Mitenev are true pioneers in their musical way-outs, discovering antique and calling popular masterpieces into a new existence. Giuseppe Sarti and Ennio Morricone, Domenico Cimarosa and Mikael Tariverdiev, Johann Bach and Astor Piazzolla inhabit in peace their concert programs. Follow them in their passion for music and expect to listen in your area soon.

8 Jul. 2018
Cadenza (for one very popular piece)
Fragment of the concert from my archive.

6 Jul. 2018
Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera". Conductor: Rustem Abyazov.

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